AZETA was founded in 1967 by Zeo Asioli to manufacture precision small metal parts.
During these 41 years the company, besides the above-mentioned business, has specialized in the construction of finished assemblies for the hydraulics sector, that is complete and assembled parts of the bills of materials of our customers, thus being able to assure them efficient management with the raw materials, external machining, assembly, testing and packaging.

Years of experience and development in the production process have led us to improve our specific skills, allowing us to be an active partner in the continuous quest for competitiveness and quality, as well as, thanks to our R&D centre, supporting our customers in design, in order to help them optimize times and resources in the phase of construction of the products.


Wear and friction occur at all levels of the supply chain. Efficient lubrication is essential for all applications that use rotating machine components. AZETA is supportive in every phase offering automatic lubrication systems customized according to the specific characteristics of the activities to be carried out.