Azeta Zeo Asioli Diffusion Srl is expanding its activities on foreign markets with a special focus on the European market, taking advantage of its expertise and the experience gained in fifty years of activity in the field of precision mechanic for hydraulic and lubrication industrial installations.

Azeta Asioli Diffusion Srl is the beneficiary of the contribution to the Call for Proposals POR FESR 2014-2010 Axis 3 for the Export Promotion Projects for Non-Exporting Companies established by the Region E.R. for the competitiveness and attractiveness of the production system, Action 3.4.1.

The contribution of the actions devoted to the internationalization plan was recognized for an amount of Euro 47,596.00.

Azeta Zeo Asioli Diffusion Srl’s goals are to create a sales network in the two key markets for the UK and Germany sectors in order to promote the company’s brand at an international level and to expand later in neighboring European countries and other international markets of strategic interest to the industry (UK as a hub for the US).

The expected results are to consolidate expansion into new markets, increase turnover from 3 to 7% in the first year (2017) and 10% in the 18 months, as well as increase brand awareness of Azeta products at international level